Name: AXIOGLOU Helen (Eleni-Lena)

Address: 9, Patroklou str., 41222, Larissa, Hellas

Telephone :  0030.2410.259 307,

0030 6932 4452 96,

0030 2410 661757

Fax:              0030.2410. 531.666

E-mail:    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nationality: Greek

Date of birth: 07th February, 1958

as the daughter of Ioannis Axioglou  and

Parthenope Xatziioannidou- Axioglou .-



1990-to date:

Private Legal Practice in Larissa, 9, Patroklou Street, 41222, dealing with civil ( family, contract ), commercial and penal law and labour law. Furthermore, she has had successful positive results for her Greek clients  in  international penal law cases, such as  a case of international fraud perpetrated by a Stock broking group with offices in Vienna, Geneva, Berlin and Budapest, under the supervisory authority of the Stock Exchange of Frankfurt and the Austrian Ministry of Finance. She has  also dealt with legal cases  regarding the incorporation of the European Community Law by the Greek Law , such as the European Directives concerning the protection of working persons and the free circulation of working persons.

As a member of Amnesty International, she has applied many times for the giving of political asylum to persons in need.

She also, being the authorized legal advisor and attorney at law of a group of people, has dealt with legal cases which had important and social repercussions, such as:

1. Ιn 1999, the Allotment of Land to the  Greek refugees’ Families who came to Greece in 1903 from East Romylia (Bulgaria) by an enactment (law-making) of the Ministery of Agriculture which drove to Deeds of  Transfer of Land.

2. Ιn 2008, re-settlement of the confines of the archeological area of the town Larissa for the citizens’ better use of their private land -property.


In the years 2007-2009 she was proposed and she worked as a Candidate for the Greek Parliament under the flag of the Greek party LAOS (right wing)


In May-June 2009 she worked as a Candidate for the European Parliament under the flag of the Greek party LAOS.


In 24.11.2009 , expressing her ideological devotion to Center-Right Direction of the European Policy, she further expressed her appreciation and hope towards the person of the politician Antonis Samaras, and so became again a member of the Greek conservative New Democracy party (center-right wing). She voted him as its President, being aware of the global and national financial crisis from 2009 up to date, 2012, working towards its targets.


May 1996-August 2000:

Employed as Legal Advisor to the Commercial Bank of Greece S.A., 11, Sofokleous  Street, Athens, recently bought by the Credit Agricole Bank -France. She worked initially in the Legal Department of the branch in Thessaloniki (1, Tsimiski-Katouni Street) and from 1990, as an internal Legal Advisor of the  Thessaly Region, Larissa branch (6,Kouma Street).

Main duties included the mortaging of the Real Estate of debtors, issuing Court Orders for payment, compulsory execution in cases of debtors default, bringing of actions, sueing, writing of legal opinions concerning changed statutes of companies, safes and other Bank business.

She also dealt with the Court handling of Fines on the Commercial Bank imposed by the Greek State for non-adherence to government circulas on monetary Policy, in the framework of the Directives of the National Bank of Greece and Community Law.


September –December 1996:

Legal Department of the Giro Credit Bank, 5, Schubertring, Vienna, Austria.

In the framework of the European Programme for Working Persons’ Exchanges,

she worked in the Legal Department of the above-said Bank, which then merged with DIE ERSTE Bank (Graben 21,1010,Vienna-Austria) ,as Greek Legal Advisor by using the English language ,in which  she is so further practiced.

She  became experienced in  the area of the Bank Contracts with the countries of the East Europe, as well as Money Laundering.

Main activities and responsibilities are set out in the Certificate of 1996  testifying to her work there.



Articled Clerk simultaneously to two private Legal Practices:

One dealt with civil law: Charalampos Makrigiannis, 34, Mitropoleos Str., Thessaloniki. The other dealt with Penal law: Dimosthenis Vasiliades,15, Ermou

Str. Thessaloniki. Occupied as the main assistant for all legal cases.




2011-to date :

She  was accepted in December 2011  for  a Doctorate  course in the Field of  International and   European Law by the University   “PARTHENOPE” in Naples Italy. She had exams in the English language in the material

“International Economic Law ” by Andreas F. Lowenfeld  and “European Union Law” by Wyatt and Dashwood’s, “European Union Law” by Damian Chalmers-G. Monti  and “International Law” by Martin Dixon, after having applied in English to the University and declaring a lack of  knowledge of  the Italian language .

Further difficulty to comply with  lectures and seminars exclusively in the Italian language in combination with a lack of a tutor speaking to her in English, led her to apply for a similar course conducted  in the English language.



Postgraduate Studies concerning Maritime Studies and International  Transport in the University of Piraeus, Athens.

1985-to date: She  has followed the most important seminars organized in Greece by

the national Lawyers’ associations, especially those concerning

Commercial  Law and Banking Law.

2001-2004: Open University of Great Britain, Faculty of Psychology.

Course in Social Sciences, Social Psychology and  Cognitive

Psychology with  practice in residential school in Scotland in

August, 2004.


Participation in international seminars, such as the following  :


March-April 2003: Athens University of Economics and Business, Post-graduate

Program in Decision Sciences ( The course “Doing Business in the Balkan and Black Sea Region- Grasp the Logic to Bridge the Gap” was led by the visiting Professor Dr. Charalambos A.Vlachoutsikos. The contents of the course included: European Union and the Region (business relations, regional policies and Programs ), the Communitarian Value System (CVS), Decision Making, Management of external risk and Harvard Business School (HBS) Cases Presentation.

August 2001:Seminar concerning the Law of the Sea organized by the Institute of

The Aegean Sea (Island of Rhodes) in collaboration with Virginia

University (USA) and Utrecht University (Holland).The subjects

covered  national territories, fishing rights and global heritage.


June 1996:

University of Cambridge-First Certificate in English, B2 of European Common Framework

September 1996:

Zertificat by Coethe  Institut for the German Language (B2).


October 1986-October 1988:

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Law. Specialization in Public Law and Political Sciences with final grade “Very Good”.  Specialization Degree   Certificate.

19 March 1986:

Qualified as a Lawyer of the jurisdiction of the Thessaloniki Court; in 1990 transferred to the jurisdiction of the Larissa Court and on 16.03.1990 became a member of the Larissa Bar.


October 1977-January 1985:

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Law. Advanced Degree in Law covering all Aspects of Greek Law (3rd level Education). Degree Certificate.


September 1970-1976:

Attended 2d High School, Larissa, with top marks (20/20) in all years.



Have written a number of works and articles on Social and Banking themes, as well as Reports of Court Decisions on cases dealt with, published in Greek Legal Bulletins and serious Newspapers, for example :

  1. “Compound Interest: Eleni Axioglou refers to recent Greek case law and compares Greek and Austrian provisions” (Legal Bulletin of the Commercial Bank of Greece-Lawyers’ Association. Nr 4:1997-1999, page 11).
  2. Reports on three Court Cases of Fines on the Commercial Bank of Greece  S. A. (Legal Bulletin of the Commercial Bank of Greece, Nr 3, pages 115-120)
  3. The following articles in the Greek Newspapers “Eleftheria” and “Hmerisios Kirikas” (for example ) :
  • “Globalization-Losers and Winners. 02.12.2002
  • “Political and Economic Development and Political Conflict” 26.06.2003
  • “Cyprus and Greek prestige” 14.09.2003
  • “Drugs and the Political Stand of New Democracy (Greek political party)” 08.02.2004
  • “The Parthenon Marbles and their Return to Greece” 18.03.2003
  • What is being  applied and what is Ethical.
  • Privatization of the Ports , 2008
  • Cruise Trips and the International Monetary Fund , 2009
  • Lignite  (brown coal) as the fuel for Electricity production, 2009





  • In 2005  she was chosen as the supervisory authority of the management of the finances of the Larissa lawyers’ bar association.
  • Active member of New Democracy,Greece’s Conservative Party,since days as University student .
  • 2003-2004 she worked as organizer of fund-raising for the party and act as  representative on TV and Radio concerning debates over social Policy and current Political Affairs.
  • Member of Board of Directors responsible for Press presentation and Libel of the Hellenic-American Association of Thessaly, as concerns the relationship between Greek and America .
  • In 1999 she was proposed by the social and political Committee of the party New Democracy (center-right wing) to become a Candidate for the Greek Parliament.
  • In the years 2007-2009  she was proposed and she Worked  as a Candidate for the Greek Parliament under the flag of the Greek party LAOS (right wing)
  • In 2009 June worked as a Candidate for the European Parliament under the flag of the Greek party LAOS .
  • Expressing her ideological devotion to Center-Right Direction  of European Policy in 24.11.2009 ,she further expressed her appreciation and hope to the person of the politician Antonis Samaras, and so she became again a member of the New Democracy party (center-right wing),being aware of the global and national financial crisis from 2009 up to date, 2012.
  • A member of the multi-cultural association “The Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis” the known literary figure, whose central office is in Geneva, specialized  in the role of women in his work.
  • Member of the Larissa Climbing Association. She has enjoyed climbing Expeditions also abroad.
  • Experience of sailing trips on the Greek islands.
  • Amnesty International-Greek Branch since 1985
  • DRIVING  LICENCE: Since 1986.Clean
  • Mother of a son ( from her marriage to the Professor of  the Aristotle University Thomas Savvidis )  ,who after having graduated from  the Greek-Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as an engineer of Computers and following postgraduate studies in Stockholm-Sweden, now works for Ericsson in Stockholm.-



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